Vittorio Esposito

Software Engineer

Who I am

I am a young enthusiast of technological innovation and software development. I am completing my master's studies in ICT (telecommunications engineering) after earning a bachelor's degree in Information Engineering.


Web Applications

Since 2021 I'm passionate about developing Web Applications. I have experience with JavaEE, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PostgreSQL.

During the university period my group created "Your Way to Italy", a web app which allows last-minute booking at the main tourist attractions and events. In H-Farm, instead, I was involved in designing and developing the back-end in Node.js (using Strapi) for both the "H-Farm" mobile app and for an Event Management and Sharing System

Computer Vision

In 2022 I started studying Computer Vision at the university. In particular, I used the OpenCV library for C++. I focused on: histogram-based transforms, linear and non-linear filters, edge and corner detection, hough transform, segmentation, feature extractors, descriptors, and matching, object detection and recognition.

I developed the course project which consists of an image stitcher, that is a software that exploits the similarity between key points in the input images to merge them in an appropriate way.

Embedded Coding

In 2016, at the high school, I started my experience with programming Embedded Systems in C++ focusing on prototyping system, such as Arduino. I've worked on several projects, such as an access management system with RFID, an IoT system for real-time environmental monitoring, many smart sensors that use Bluetooth and TCP/IP for communicating.

I also created a library to make simpler the use of the GSM Sim800L module. In 2020 I also started programming in C++ on Linux during the Programming for ICT course.


H-Farm App BE

Your Way to Italy

Tagms SQL DB

Image Stitcher