Vittorio Esposito

Software Engineer


I am a young enthusiast of technological innovation and software development. I am working as a software engineer after completing my master's studies in ICT for Internet and Multimedia. I’m currently learning Web Accessibility, Apache Airflow, and Spring Boot with the DGS Framework


Web Applications

Since 2021 I'm passionate about designing and developing complex Web Applications.

In Technology Reply i'm currently learning Web Accessibility, Apache Airflow and DGS Framework for Spring Boot.

In H-Farm, during my curricular internship, I was involved in designing and developing a back-end, for both the H-Farm mobile app and for an Event Sharing System, using Strapi on top of Node.js.

During the university years my project group developed Your Way To Italy, a full-stack web application which allows last-minute bookings at the main events and tourist attractions. Used technologies include JavaEE, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Computer Vision

In 2022 I started studying Computer Vision at the university. In particular, I used the OpenCV library in C++.

I focused on:

  • Histogram-based transforms;

  • Linear and non-linear filters;

  • Edge and corner detection;

  • Hough transform;

  • Segmentation;

  • Feature extractors, descriptors, and matching;

  • Object detection and recognition.

I also developed the course project, which is an image stitcher. This is a software that can gracefully merge input images exploiting similarities between key points.

Embedded Coding

In 2016, at the high school, I started my experience with Embedded Systems coding in C++.

I've worked on several Arduino-based projects, such as:

  • An access management system employing RFID;

  • An IoT system for real-time environmental monitoring and alarming;

  • A library to communicate in J1850-PWM mode;

  • Many smart sensors making use of RS-232, RS-485, Bluetooth and TCP/IP for communicating.

I also created a library in C++ to simplify and speed up the use of the SIM800L GSM module for Arduino which is being appreciated by the community on GitHub.


H-Farm App BE

Your Way to Italy

Tagms SQL DB

Image Stitcher